Teichman For Judge Hits the Airwaves

Throughout the campaign — and leading up to our election on August 7, 2018 — I will be routinely joining Warrensburg legend and radio host Marion Woods on 1450 KOKO to discuss the state of our race and the weekly “happenings” on the campaign trail.  I love listening to KOKO in the mornings and appreciate that you can now listen online from any location!

We’re doing these interviews to provide you, the voter, with as much information as possible — not only about me personally, but also about the duties of the office, so that you can make an informed decision on August 7th.

I hope you’ll tune in to KOKO for the next one! If you happened to miss this week’s interview, you can catch a recording of it (and prior interviews) below.  Take a listen!

FINAL Interview Before the election August 6th, 2018:

Previous Interviews below

July 25th Edition!


July 11th Edition!


June 27th Edition!


May 23rd Edition!


April 25th Edition! (Abbreviated edition)


March 28th Edition!




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